Enjoy and Grow in the natural beauty at a village in Lonavala.

Known for its cloudy rains and mountains with forts, trekking trails and famous Chikki (sweet made of groundnuts and jaggery).

We would be staying in a simple yet cozy cottage in the village of Dongargaon (village of hills) which is around 2 kilometers from city of Lonavala.

The Success and Life principles will surely be more effective and have impact when learned at this small town that is close to Mumbai and Pune.The nature and rainy surroundings will fill your heart and mind with relaxing peace and energy to start the positive changes in your life to next level.


The cottage has the following facilities and amenities:

  Accommodation for 16-20 person (3 rooms) - The rooms would be shared by the training participants.

  There is a small backyard with trees which include - mango, litchi, guava, chiku (sapodilla), jamun and some flower plants.

   You can watch birds and insects that are interesting to photograph.

  There are hills around the village which can be quick nature trails and great spot for photography.