The sessions during the training will wash away the beliefs, habits and experiences
that are stopping you from living your ideal life. 

Using Success Principles from the experience of successful and high performance achievers you will learn how to achieve any goal you can dream. You will be inspired and empowered with new skills, newer mindset and plan of action to reach your goals.

Plus you will gain valuable friends and support team you always can involve and grow with.



Here is a small list of what you will learn at the training





… PLUS many more inspiring and empower lessons that will have immediate, lasting impact on your life!

These are the same techniques, strategies and tools that I share with my corporate clients, who pay over Rs. 50,000 for a one-day seminar. You’ll get the same information (and more) – plus a much more intimate environment – for a small fees as investment in yourself.



 Meet a Success Coach with purpose to inspire and empower. “My Purpose of life is to inspire and empower everyone using creativity and coaching to live the best life, fulfilling dreams with love and fun.” – Swapnil Karekar

Living by the spirit of creativity and continuous learning Swapnil Karekar has always loved to share the knowledge of living the best vision and improving self to higher levels of happiness and success. Learning and living by the principles of life which have been passed on by our culture and leaders who have achieved successful and happy lives for themselves and others.

Swapnil observed and analyzed the environment and situations understanding people and systems from the early start of his career as faculty for software training. With his fast learning skills and love for communication and sharing dreams with people he keeps learning and teaching. With wide exposure in fields like software, training, graphic designing, animation, architectural modeling, creative concepts, digital marketing, web strategy also cricket community development Swapnil always coached and used his creativity to inspire and empower those who he worked or trained with.

Working with individuals, businessmen, professionals and organizations, Swapnil has always coached and communicated in ways that inspires the listener and his trainings and coaching empowers to open the person’s heart and mind to reach for the purpose. It is amazing to see him interact and engage with students, teachers, management and technical professionals, architects and environmentalists, event designer and sports coaches, players as well as various businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Swapnil has moved ahead happily and successfully as a trainer, coach, strategist, visual designer, speaker, sportsman and has build his business and also founded global cricket community. He is always ready to learn and share, giving credits to the source and also being grateful to every moment that makes it a better day and better way to be happy and successful.

Success Principles, Leadership, Team building, Creativity, Lateral thinking, Life Purpose, High Performance, Goal Setting, Time Management, Self Development and Relationship Communication are some of the topics for which Swapnil can customize workshops and deliver keynotes that brings the best out of the moment to inspire and empower those involved.

Swapnil puts a lot of love and fun in the keynotes, trainings and workshops that he does for any individuals and groups or organizations. Living by the principles and models that he coaches… Swapnil always strives to Grow and Gain each day. Be Happy & Have Fun... Here is your chance to live your best way… INSPIRE & EMPOWER… from Happiness to Success…

Sumit Gurav (Trainer)

Sumit is a dedicated trainer who has been learning under Coach Swapnil Karekar since last 2 years. Sumit has a degree in Information Technology and keen interest in academics, human resource and training. His education in Information technology gives him the advantage of being connected with the young generation as well as his experience makes him special in creating new training products for teens, youth and entrepreneurs.