Keynote speaker is many a times misunderstood to be a motivational speaker, industry expert, business tycoon, film-star, fashion celebrity or sports star who takes a lot of money to speak for about 30 to 60 minutes to your audience at an event, meeting or conference.

Any of the above can be a Keynote speaker but most are not, as well as keynote speaker need not be all of the above. A creative and unique style that can inspire and empower the audience, be it college students, businessmen, managers and executives or sports professionals, environment or non-profit volunteers or sales and marketing teams, Swapnil Karekar engages and brings the energy in the moment. Be it only speaking or using tools and interactive sessions, keynote speeches are sure to be memorable and creative with Swapnil.

Swapnil Karekar as keynote speaker would capture the essence of your event or meeting and highlight your objectives to the audience in a short period of time. He may use activities, stories, multimedia or humor and engage and involve the audience in the keynote speech. This needs time and planning, research and discussing with the organizers and core team. Swapnil Karekar loves to put the energy and enthusiasm in weaving the memorable and fun keynote speech be it for any event, meeting, conference or organizational occasion.