OUTDOOR TRAINING AND TRIP on Success Principles with Swapnil Karekar

Date: Currently booking for JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER 2014 ( CALL 9920439033)

  • Take Control of your life - 100% Responsibility, 100% Fulfilment.

  • Discover & Focus on your core genius - be better at what you do best

  • Be a huge success at the things you enjoy the most. 

  • Become the happy, successful person you know you are meant to be.


Enjoy 2 Days for personal growth among people with real fun and real goals in life.

Fees: 6600/- Per Person

Bring you Friend/Family/Team 

Register for 2 persons and SAVE Rs 1200/-


Fees Include Bus Travel (Andheri-Lonavala-Andheri)

Food: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

Training Session for success principles

Trekking to Lohagad Fort.

Training Sessions:

Vision and purpose, Goal-setting, Action plan and personal growth strategies.


Games, Visit to Pawana Dam, Bonfire at night.


Limited Seats: 16 person

Contact Details: 9920439033 

Happiness, success and great results are possible when the success principles are understood and applied. This can be done through Swapnil Karekar's coaching, workshops training and keynote speeches to teams or organisations be it students, parents, teachers, employees, managers, top management or leaders.

Swapnil Karekar delivers coaching programs, workshops and events based on Success Principles, NLP and other effective concepts, skills, techniques and tools. This motivates the participants and further inspires and empowers them to achieve greater success as they learn to focus more efforts, strategic alliances, family and relationships, personal and team behaviors.

Participants will learn how to:

• Take 100% Responsibility for Their Lives and Results

• Invest Every Day in Developing Their Knowledge Base and Core Skills

• Manage Time the Way Successful Entrepreneurs Do

• Build a Success System to Effectively Achieve Goals

• Develop and Trust Their Intuition and Reasoning Abilities

• Reject Rejection and Push through Fears

• Reverse Limiting Self Talk

• Face Up to What Isn’t Working

• Change Their Outcomes By Reacting Differently to Any Event

• Apply Daily Disciplines to Produce Results

• Shift Attitude Beliefs to an “I can” Solution Model

• Boost Their Business, Just by Asking

Whether your organization needs to increase sales, boost income, increase output, expand creativity, enhance problem-solving, find more balance or improve customer service — these disciplines, when put into practice, will create massive and permanent change in the lives of your participants and in the day-to-day operations of your organization.

Presentation Formats

> The Keynote

This engaging, thought-provoking program will leave your conference or meeting participants energized and excited about the material they have just learned. Though the time spent with participants during a Keynote is brief, Swapnil Karekar uses illustrative examples, humorous anecdotes and proven research results to present the most important highlights in a way that stays with the audience even after they've proceeded to their next program  session. Please allow 1-2 hours.

> The Keynote Experience

The perfect way to begin — or end — any convention, conference or retreat, The Keynote Experience gets participants involved with the material — and each other. Using his unique blend of humor, stories, theory, research and low-risk interactive exercises, Swapnil Karekar creates an environment of high energy, mutual support and commitment to growth designed to encourage participants to get to know one another while simultaneously learning the important principles of personal growth and self-empowerment.Because it includes exercises and activities not presented in the standard keynote address, The Keynote Experience is an ideal choice for longer keynote programs. Please allow 2-4 hours.

> The Workshop

This 4- to 8-hour program utilizes exercises, activities and group experiences, rather than simple lecture, to achieve awareness and personal growth among participants. This is best suited for groups where participants work closely together or know one another. Includes important learning tools and handouts. Please allow 4-8 hours.

> The 2- or 3-Day Training

Ideal for groups where participants will encounter peak performance or self-empowerment issues on an on-going basis. Provides the most in-depth coverage of the material available, with voluminous workbook and learning tools included. Allow 12-18 classroom hours.

> The Success Principles Training for Professionals

A 2- to 3-day interactive seminar designed to give professional trainers the skills they need to facilitate The Success Principles in-house — for new hires, work-groups and other special employee populations. Swapnil will work directly with your trainers, emphasizing familiarity with the curriculum, activities and exercises necessary to prepare your in-house trainers to deliver a powerful, inspirational and informational program.


I Love coaching students – Swapnil Karekar

Your educational organization does have its system of development and training for the students. As per your requirement to refresh and evolve to put some extra energy and tools for your students development we can conduct 1 to 3 days events for you.  Swapnil Karekar conducts workshops, seminars and keynote speeches that add to the self development and growth of students. This brings in the energy and transformation required to move the students to next level of their education and growth.

Coaching and workshops for Students

Students create a strong emotional and intellectual connection at the workshop with Swapnil and other participants. Swapnil Karekar shares real life incidents and situation from his own life and of others that make the student come out with their real emotions and open up as a person. He believes students have great potential and amazing dreams that make them each unique.

He gets to know them personally by discussing their current views and understanding their different aspects as a person also what is happening in and around their life. The most important discussion is about their real problems and issues that they want to understand and solve, some want to reach their dream career or clear their fears. The session is about them and their most important aspect which they feel at this phase of life.

Being transparent and true to oneself is what Swapnil brings out through the workshops and training. Facts and incidents that have real impact and show the true nature of success principles and growth is loved by the students. Students are full of energy and capacity. They need to be involved and engaged with latest information, concepts and technology.

Swapnil strives to bring in the most interaction which students always want. Growth is not one-button effect. Students need time and further interaction to fully use the coaching and training that they receive. He keeps in touch with the students with emails, tools and materials that they would find useful and motivating. Coaching and Training with Swapnil Karekar is interactive and full of energy. Every student feels involved and inspired, wanting to share his true views and ready to grow and progress.

Coaching & training for Corporate Sector

We are as good as our humans skills and abilities, limited only by ourselves and once we are inspired and empowered… all goals can be achieved with the principles and coaching provided by the organization to the employees be it new recruits, middle management and also senior leading teams.

Swapnil Karekar loves to understand and communicate with people. Humans are full of dreams, potential and growing abilities. Interacting with individuals and teams, clarifying the purpose, goal-setting, training various skills and coaching the principles of success and various concepts by Swapnil in a way that is inspiring and empowering brings the change needed to take your corporate training to next level.

Coaching and training for Educational Institutes, Banking and Financial Services, IT & ITES and other corporate sector is useful when done in way suitable for the specific individuals or organization for the specific situation. Be it faculty or student, Businessmen or Professionals, management trainees to CEOs and Board of Directors Swapnil would be ready to inspire and empower through coaching and training.

The objective and method: Personalized message and learning for the participants.

Aligning the personal and business growth in the given situation is of great value to both the participant as well as the organization. This may seem difficult but once done would make the coaching and training very useful for the personal growth of participants and forwarding the business to intended phase. Making all this subtle and meaningful, yet enthusiastic and fun for the participants is what Swapnil Karekar aims to do in the corporate training or coaching sessions and workshops.

Swapnil Karekar coaches the participants to balance their various roles as a person, training for skills and tools to grow as an employee and personally at work, family and social aspects. Coached to be happier and successful, the participants are willing to contribute more towards the organization, teams and personal performance.

Coaching , Training and Workshops for corporate

1. Success Principles - Principles from Happiness to Success

2. Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving – Have Fun With Life and Success

3. Team Building and Teamwork – Team wins and Teamers excel

4. Leadership and self improvement – Leaders Live a Legacy

5. Custom Developed Program – for the specific goals of team/organization.


Keynote speaker is many a times misunderstood to be a motivational speaker, industry expert, business tycoon, film-star, fashion celebrity or sports star who takes a lot of money to speak for about 30 to 60 minutes to your audience at an event, meeting or conference.

Any of the above can be a Keynote speaker but most are not, as well as keynote speaker need not be all of the above. A creative and unique style that can inspire and empower the audience, be it college students, businessmen, managers and executives or sports professionals, environment or non-profit volunteers or sales and marketing teams, Swapnil Karekar engages and brings the energy in the moment. Be it only speaking or using tools and interactive sessions, keynote speeches are sure to be memorable and creative with Swapnil.

Swapnil Karekar as keynote speaker would capture the essence of your event or meeting and highlight your objectives to the audience in a short period of time. He may use activities, stories, multimedia or humor and engage and involve the audience in the keynote speech. This needs time and planning, research and discussing with the organizers and core team. Swapnil Karekar loves to put the energy and enthusiasm in weaving the memorable and fun keynote speech be it for any event, meeting, conference or organizational occasion.