12 ways to have a Happy Financial New Year.

  1. Know where you are.

You want a Happy Financial New Year ahead? I wish you a great year ahead, use this list of principles and do your part of being a happy and successful person. I love that in life we have this system called New Year. Nature has its system of seasons and we have an annual calendar. This is our way to renew our life, renew our energy and enthusiasm, recall our actions, review our year and reset what is not working and celebrate what you have achieved in terms or financial growth and also personal growth.

Take time off from your busy work schedule and sit for 15 minutes. Ask yourself how are you feeling? Be honest… you will instantly know your feeling. Now decide to fix a day off with at least a few hours where you will not be disturbed by anyone.

  1. Sit back and review your last year. You have to know where you are to be able to work on where you want to reach. Appreciate all the current things, skills, cash and support you have now including your personal achievements, team success and family times.
  2. Think when it hurt you the most in terms of cash, growth or hardships. Be true in noting down what is not working, which aspects are not worth the time or efforts. Are you wasting any money or efforts on things that unknowing have become a part of your life.
  3. Make a list of 30 things you have, people who support you, clients, skills you know, achievement and appreciations you got. This will bring you back to focus on the positives you have control on. About the negatives we will handle in the next few points.


  1. Take 100% responsibility

It is your life and you want to be happy, so take 100% responsibility for what you want to be in life and what you want to achieve. Take 100% responsibility to have a Happy Financial New Year. Give up all your excuses and decide to change the response to your current financial conditions. If you don’t like you outcomes change your response. Remember this E+R=O (Event + Response = Outcome). So decide to respond in ways that will give you the outcome you want in you financial new year.


  1. Know your Happiness in finance

You want to have financial success so that you can use the resource to live life the way you want. So right now make a list of all the financial resources you have and importantly what happiness have you got through it. Some like the work they do and financial success is the outcome, others buy houses, cars and build business. Financial success will come when you know why you want the money, it’s about the happiness and satisfaction. So make your definition and note what financial happiness means to you.


  1. Use your core genius

This is a financial new year and you want to know what will give you maximum financial happiness. This can be measured in 2 ways,

  1. One what skills do you possess that have given you most success in terms of money, appreciation by others and personal satisfaction of work?
  2. You purpose of life… if you have decided it, and your core genius… if you have realised it and use it.

So take some time to reflect and find out your core genius, see your small and big successful achievement in all parts of your life – financial, family and relationships, health, social and spiritual. You will realise your core genius.


  1. Set a SMART goal

Most of you already know this system of SMART Goal setting – please use it. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound goals. Be focused and clear out your financial goals, it may take a while and extra effort, but a smart goal will truely set you on the happiness path. Just by writing down and reading your goals often every day you will see your brain giving you more answers, options and results will come faster.


  1. Believe in yourself

Some of your goals may be too high or unrealistic for others. Now that you have thoroughly thought and set Smart Goals for yourself believe in yourself, and get doing the work. Positive Self talk and Visualization will help you achieve your financial happiness. Keep away from the negative people, and be among people who work hard, are positive and keep focus.


  1. Take Professional Help

Some of your goals may be requiring a team, some support or professional help. Go ahead find the right professionals, build you support team and may be hire a coach or ask a mentor. Somebody out there is the right professional you need to achieve you financial happiness. Go ask and take action… remember you have taken 100% responsibility.


  1. Take the steps and complete what you start

It is great that you have thought so much, set goals, planned so much and take professional help or got your support team. Now it is time for action. Do all it takes to complete what you have started, believe and work, take step by step actions, plan your big goals in smaller phase goals and achieve them. Your happy financial new year has begun…


  1. Feedback and Improvement

Feedback from yourself and your close family, friends, team members is very important. Regularly review your work and results. PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, Act, is a very nice way to take feedback and make the necessary improvements.


  1. Money and Relationships

Money is a measurement for financial success, achieve the goals but remember, financial happiness is due to right use of financial resources towards relationships. Do take care of nurturing the work and business relationships, family relationships and social relationships. It is more satisfying and fun when a team or group of persons achieve their personal goals by supporting and growing together.


  1. Riches and Growth

Financial success is good, money is good, also remember riches means prosperity and so maintain happiness in other riches of life too. Health is among the best riches you can maintain, knowledge and skills are priceless. Respect and goodwill in social circle will also add to your financial happy new year.


  1. Celebrate

I feel life is about living, loving, growing and celebrating the seasons of life. So don’t forget to celebrate daily with regular moments of appreciation, gratefulness and sharing. Do have small and big moments of celebrations for yourself and others. Happy Financial New Year to you!